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It is our privilege to raise our children with an understanding of the value of a hard day's work and to do so daily alongside the men and women shaping the beef industry into what it is today and will be tomorrow. People who believe in each other and the value of a handshake, preserving the West and the values within that we all hold to heart.

In 23 years, Scott has had the privilege to work with thousands of beef bulls and harvest several hundred thousand ejaculates, from a caliber of animals, that isn’t possible in any other part of the world.

The genetics of this region are sought after in all corners of the globe, there is literally something for everyone. We are a small and simple organization with a goal to be efficient with our resources as well as those of our customers. We love what we do and who we work for…  


Breeders seeking the finest genetics come from points all across the globe to shake the hands of men and women they have read and heard about…and these are the people we work with daily.   It is our privilege to work daily, alongside men and women who believe in each other and the value of a handshake.    

Our Team

Scott Spickard


Andrea Spickard


Executive Administrator

Nicky Klingaman

Service Director

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